About Us

Welcome to the Study Barn - A Project for Human Improvement

An ambitious title calls for ambitious results. Through global communal co-operation we can help each other reach scholastic and professional enlightenment where education is no longer tied to geography or financial scarcities. Putting it simply, the Study Barn aims to provide the world with the tools to be prepared for any class or exam.

The name Study Barn casts the image of our forefather's education... when teachers and students came together under a single roof in a one room school house with the goal of educating the community. In a similar spirit, the Study Barn strives to help educate the world community. Under the Study Barn's single roof the public is provided with online tools that allow students to study any discipline. Best of all, these tools are provided at no cost.

The Study Barn was created by Chris and David Hobbs. Twin brothers who over the past five years have helped thousands of people realize their career goals via multiple online education properties. Over those years, they realized that the best content editors were the students themselves. They envisioned the next progression in online education would be where the visitors were also the content aggregators. Therefore they created a set of powerful tools to allow the masses to help educate and prepare the masses.

We encourage those who wish to leave their intellectual fingerprint on the world to be an integral part of this project. Experts and laymen alike can share their knowledge by creating or augmenting topical study guides. When this project began we envisioned a system where a Professor from Harvard could create content to help a student from Afghanistan become a doctor, or the child of a Bolivian farmer become a community leader. These are the first steps towards a better world.