Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best Ways to Study Online Part 1

The Study Barn is a new concept in terms of studying. Before one had to study by reading from a textbook or notes from a class. With the help of the internet and powerful tools like the ones that the Study Barn provides studying can now be more effective and efficient. We can easily share studying material so you no longer have to create your own notes. Often someone has done them for you making the task of studying much easier. There are pitfalls of this form of study though. For example, how do you find content that you trust and material that is specific enough for you to study? These two questions are what we will be answering in this blog post.

First of all how does one find studying content that is worth studying?

This is a question of trust. You don´t want to spend time studying only to discover what you were working on wasn´t correct. Best way to get around this is to look at some of the trust metrix that the Study Barn provides. If you are studying someone else´s exam read his / her bio. How many exams have they made? Are there any study groups using these exams? What sort of comments have been made about this exam. And most importantly look at how many times this exam has been taken. All of these clues will suggest if this study material is up to snuff.

The second question is how do you find studying content that is applicable to you and your studying needs?

The Study Barn provides you with a search engine that you can use to look for study groups, exams, and questions that pertain to you. You can also create your own exam using other member´s content that you find using the search engine. When you do a search for an applicable tag / term you will be presented with many questions and a button on the left that says add. Read the question to see if it is useful to you and if it is good them simply click the add button and this question will be added into your exam.

If you want to be a power searcher there are advanced tools that allow you to be more specific in what you search for. For example look for questions that have a specific amount of “like” votes. This means how many people said “I like this question.”

So go out and create your own study content for the next test or exam that you face. The Study Barn makes it easy for you to EXCEL.


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