Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adding Questions to Your Exam

So you have created an exam and are now looking to build its content. Let´s start by clicking the Administer your exam link. This will take you to the exam administration page. You will see a tab on the top left frame of the main window that says “Add a Question.” Give it a click and you will be see that there are two ways to add questions to your exam:

1) Author a New Question

2) Add a Question

The Study Barn allows you to easily add your own question to your exam. Click on the Author a New Question link. There are two types of questions (1. Multiple Choice and 2. True or false) By default the form is set up to do a multiple choice question. If you want to do a true or false then click on the True of False link. Once you have decided which type of question you wish to create put the question into the question box. If you have chosen a multiple choice question you will see that you have 4 possible answers by default. If you would like to add more possible options go to the last possible answer box and click the Add another possible answer box link. You can create up to 8. If you wish to remove an option click on the remove link. Next select the correct answer pull down option that corresponds with the correct answer. The explanation box is not a necessity to fill in but it is very important. Most people that may use your question will benefit if you add a clear explanation as to why the answer is what it is. You will then get the option to share your question or not. I recommend that you allow all to use your question so everyone benefits but you can make it private by changing the default from yes to no. Tags are a good way for other people to find questions. Think of the main theme behind this questions and put them in the tags form. You can use up to five tags. Click on the review question button and see what you have just entered into the Study Barn. If you are happy with what you see click add the question if you want to make some changes click on the edit link. After the question has been added you are taken back to the form to create another question.

The quick way to add content to your exam is by adding another member's questions. You can do this by clicking on the Add a Question link. Here you will be able to search for questions. You can search using the title or description or by tags. Enter your search words and hit the search button. This will return a list of questions. Read the questions and if you feel they fit your exam click on the add link on the left of the search. This will attach the question to your exam. Continue adding until your exam is complete.

You can also do a combination of the two above forms of adding questions by adding your own questions then searching and adding other people's questions to your exam.


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