Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Way to Study Online Part 2 - Creating your own Exam

So you have an exam and need to study for. Good thing you are a member of the Study Barn Go to and create an exam. While title and description might not seem that important to you it is very important if you want to allow others to study your exam as well. Try to be as clear and precise as possible.

For example if you are studying for your history of the war of 1812 exam give it the title of “History of the War of 1812.”

Next think of the scope of the exam and use this as your description.

For example: This is an exam covering the War of 1812 including Political and military events that transpired during the war.

Next it is important to choose what audience this exam is for. This should be very simple as you only need to describe your level of school such as university or elementary school. This will help others who wish to study the exam. They will be able to decide if it goes into enough depth depending on their level of education. In other words a university student will probably be looking for more information into the war than a junior high school student.

Next if you wish to share the exam (and we think you should allow the world a chance to study the material you are providing) select yes to “share your exam.”

If you want to make your exam private so only you or your friends can use it you can add a password that you provide. This way you can make the exam public so your friends can find it but retain the exam’s privacy by adding a layer of security (password) to it.

Tags are important. They allow people to find your exam by topical words and not just the title. Again using our example of the war of 1812 you could put the following tags:

“America Britain 1812 War History”

Next Blog Entry will be Part 3, Adding Questions – so tune in soon


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