Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creating a New Study Group

A study group is a group of exams. Not surprisingly an exam is a group of questions. Thus a study group is a bunch of questions put into topical exams that are focused in a specific discipline of study. Now for all that complicated language you will see that creating a full and rich study group can be a very easy exercise.

First, let´s create a study group. For simplicity we will build a study group focused on cats. So click on the new group link in the tools box on the study group page and let´s begin.

When making your study group try to come up with as exact a title as possible so others will know what they will be studying. For our example the title of our new study group will be cats.

Your description should cover the scope of the study group. How much do you want to cover? Describe what will be and will not be in the exam. Our description can be “This is a study group dedicated to learning about all types of cats and their habits.”

The audience tab is a good way for people to know how deep into the topic you are going to go. For example if you are aiming this exam at elementary students it is pretty straight forward that you aren´t going to cover the same topics as an exam aimed at graduate students which in our case might cover veterinarian biology and is out of scope for a younger audience. We will make our exam for elementary students and thus will select the “Elementary School” option.

The permanent link is the URL to find your study group. This is the address one must type into the browser to go to the group. It must be unique and thus cannot have already existed. In our case we will try (and for arguments sake) have the link

The next option is if you want to share this study group with other members or not. Since we like to promote education and believe that if you take the time to create a study group, why not let anyone else learn from it. Thus we leave the yes option here by default. If you didn´t want to share and selected no then your study group wouldn´t be shown in the catalog. People can still join it if they type in the URL though (possibly from a lucky guess).

You also have an option to attach a password to your study group. If you do this then those who wish to study your group will have to know the password. If you don´t wish to share your exam I recommend adding a password to the group so if people do just type in the URL they will also have to use a password in order to join the group.

The last option is tags. Tags are words that describe your study group. You can have up to five of them. Tags can be used by other members when they wish to search for a study group to join.

Ok so click on the Create My Study Group button and you will be taken into the administration page where you can add or create content to put into your study group.We will cover this next step in the following blog entry.


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