Monday, May 11, 2009

The Study Barn´s Study Group Administration Features - Part 1

The Study Barn provides members with some feature rich and useful tools that make building and editing your study group very simple. When you go to the admin page you will see a header and two main windows (right and left sides). The left window shows tree structure of your study group. The right side hosts the window where you will perform the majority of the actions.
So let´s discuss the left side first. If you don’t have any exams added yet you will see the title of the study group highlighted in green and some options below. These options include add an exam and new exam group. An exam group is a grouping of exams. For example if you are creating a study group for your science class then you might want to break down the exam groups by topic such as Physics, Biology, etc. and then you can add those exams in their category. Adding a new exam will give you the option to create a new exam or import an exam from the study barn catalog into your study group. Below the exam area on the left side is two other categories titled Membership and Learning Tools and Resources. Membership allows you to control who can and cannot join your study group along with some other administration features. Learning Tools and Resources allows you to add additional features to your study group (for example a periodic table or a calculator).
If you study group already had exams and questions present then you can administer all levels of the study group by clicking on the corresponding section. If you want to open up the question level below the exam then click on the blue double arrows and you will be presented with the questions in the exam. If you are the administrator of that exam and those questions you will have the ability to edit the content in the right window of anything that you click on.
Next entry we will discuss the actions window on the right side of the administration page.


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