Monday, May 18, 2009

Study Group Administration Features - Part 2

In the last entry I discussed the features of the left window of the study group administration page for the Study Barn. Today I will show you the main window and how you can use it to create really powerful study groups and exams.

In the right window (this can also be described as the main or largest window on the administer study group page) we are presented with multiple options. These options will not all be present if you are not the editor of the exam you are editing but I am going to write this as if you have created your own exam in this study group as it will cover all of the options you will be presented.

When you first log in you will notice that the green bar on the left side window will color the top option (which will be the title of your study group). In the main large window you will see an image with the word edit below it and then the title of the study group and its description. Should you wish to edit any of these simply click on the words / image and you can quickly make the changes there. You will also see a red or green box with the words online (green) or offline (red). This refers to if the study group is visible to the public or not. If you are still working on it you will probably want the study group offline (red).

Below this blue area is a green bar. Here you will see a couple options such as +New Exam Group, Edit Study Group Details, Reorder Exam Group, and Delete Study Group. Clicking on + New Exam Group will open up a window that gives you the option to add the name of a new exam group. An exam group is a grouping of likeminded exams. In other words if you are doing a study group in world geography an exam group name might be North America and Europe. Within one of these Exam groups would be Canada and the USA for North America and France and Germany for Europe. The next option is edit the study group details. Clicking on this will open up an orange / yellow window that lets you edit the information regarding this study group. The next choice is reorder exam group. Clicking on it opens up a yellow window with all of the exam groups listed. If you wish to change the order in which they are shown in your study group simply click on the exam group you want to move and drag it to its desired position. Once you are happy with the order / arrangement you can close this box clicking on the x in the top right side of the window or click the words Reorder Exam Group again. The fourth option is to delete the study group. Make sure this is what you want to do because it will delete and you will have to start fresh if you wish to recreate the study group.

On the left side window click on of the exam groups and notice that you are presented with multiple options. First of all you can change the exam name right in the blue window as well as take it offline or online just like the study group itself. In the green bar you have three options, +Add and exam, Reorder Exams, and Remove Exam Group. Select +Add an exam. A window will open up allowing you to author a new exam or import one that has already been created. Reorder exam is just like reorder exam group where you will be able to reorder the exams in the exam group. Remove exam group is pretty straight forward. If you decide to remove it will be lost to you and you will have to remove it again.

On the left side select one further down. This will be the exam level. Again in the blue window you can edit the exams details simply by clicking on the title of the description. You can also take it offline or online by clicking on the green / red icon on the right. You have up to five options here. You can +Add a question, Edit the Exam Details, Reorder the questions, control administration privileges of the exam, and remove the exam from the group. Clicking on +Add a question lets you create your own questions or import them from content that has already been created. Edit the exam details is pretty much just like it sounds, change any information about the selected exam. Reorder the questions gives you the option to drag and drop the desired order of the questions. Administrators allows you to give administration privileges to other parties and thus can do everything that you can on this exam. Remove the exam removes the exam from the exam group. It does not delete the exam though. Should you wish to re-add the exam you can do this by importing the exam once again.

The last level is the questions. You have two basic options here, you can either edit the question or remove the question from the exam. Clicking on edit the question link and you will be able to make any necessary changes to the content. Remove the question simply removes the question from the exam. If you wish to add it again you can do it via the +Add a question option one level up.

I hope you found this interesting. It is really easy to create your own content into the study barn. Following these simple explanations will allow you create a rich studying environment that the world can benefit from.