Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Practices for Preparing Study Material Using Pictures.

I really enjoy things that are international and the symbols that represent them. This is why earlier I created a study group that I found to be challenging and fun at the same time, Flags of the World. This study group took me a while to create because I had to find the images of each flag and crop them to be the similar size. After doing a couple of flag questions it became apparent that it was necessary to be well prepared before adding any content at all. So I spent a long time just having all of the flags ready to be added. I put the flag of each country into folders broken down by each continent. I figured it was best to have them in their own continent's folder because when doing the questions I would probably have multiple choice questions where the options would all be from the same close geographical region. Thus all I had to do was look at the folder in order to have a good choice of incorrect options to choose from.

The most important thing I did with the pictures though is make them uniform. I cropped them into the same size for all flag pictures. If the flags are all the same size then the material looks a lot better and the exam taker focuses more on the flags and not thinking about why is this one so much bigger than that one.