How it Works

The Study Barn is a powerful online learning tool that is designed to allow you to interact with content in a manner that will help you study best. There are three layers of content.

Study Groups are communities within the Study Barn that host exams and learning tools for specific fields of study.
Exams are groupings of questions focusing on a specific topic or theme.
Questions consist of a question, options, an answer, and an explanation.

These three layers can be interchanged. For example, you can create a personal exam using your own content or through our search engine, add questions that other members have created. You can even combine the two. The same goes for study groups. You can build a study group that is a combination of your exams and other member's exams. This allows you to focus on your studying needs while utilizing the work of other members.

Everyone has a different learning strategy. With this in mind the Study Barn created three different study methods. They are:

1. Learning Mode. This is a three step process.
  a. You answer a question similar to a real exam.
  b. The Study Barn responds to your answer as correct or incorrect while providing a descriptive explanation. Instant feedback for each question.
  c. You then continue on with the next question.
2. Exam Mode: This mode simulates the testing environment. You are presented with a number of questions to answer. Upon completion all of the questions, the Study Barn adds up your score just like you took the actual test.
3. Flash Card Mode: Start this method a day or two before you take the exam. You are presented both the question and answer as a flash card. An exercise in memorization.

If you wish to have a different exam each time using the same content simply select the "Randomize the Questions" button at the start of the exam. This will randomize all the questions so that they are in a different order than the last time your took the exam.

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