Which reaction illustrates fusion?
A. 1H2 + 1H2 -> 2He4
B. 0n1 + 13Al27 - > 11Na24 + 2He4
C. 13Al27 + 2He4 -> 15P30 + 0n1
D. 7N14 + 2He4 -> 1H1 + 8O17
E. 7Al24 + 3He3 -> 1H1 + 7O15
Fusion is the process of joining two light nuclei to form a heavier one. High pressure and high temperatures are used to make this happen. Tremendous energy is released when the fusion takes place. Answers B, C,D, and E are all examples of artificial transmutation or bombardment of an element by a neutron or alpha particle. Only answer A shows two light elements combining.
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