What is the molarity of a KF (aq) solution containing 116 grams of KF in 1.00 liter of solution?
A. 1.00 M
B. 2.00 M
C. 3.00 M
D. 4.00 M
Step 1: find the moles of solute using the formula:
mass of solute (g) divided by formula mass of solute
Step 2: divide the moles of solute by volume of solution in liters M / V.
Or if you know the moles of solute,
Molarity = moles of solute divided by volume of solution in liters . KF has a formula mass of 39 + 19 or 58 g/mole. Since 116 grams are given, 116g / 58g/mole = 2 moles of solute.
To find the Molarity, take 2 moles of solute and divide by 1 L of solution.
2 moles / 1 L = 2.00 M solution
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